Monday, October 26, 2009

Liverpool 2 - 0 Man.United

25th October 2009, around 10pm met up wtih Hon and Kheng Wei they all at Padang which is on top of Cyberia's Saloon for watching a very exciting and interesting match between 2 very famous team which is Liverpool (Home) and Man.United (Away) in Anfield. Tho I was alone with all the people I'm watching with but I know I'm not alone because Liverpool never walks alone (some lame joke) Anyway, started off with a very nervous and scared situation and when then beach balls came out again during the corner. They wanted to repeat the situation that happen last week with Sunderland , a beach ball cause them to win and us to lose.

Picking up the beach ball. This time even bigger..oh my!

The first half game was alright, Liverpool defended well and there are a few chance that Torres could score but was a bit too off the timing. There's also time when there's some good free kicks and Gerrad was not on the field. Anyway the game continue with a good play by Liverpool, kept on attacking and their defend was great that, Man.United didn't even have the chance to be inside the penalty box. And on the 64mins, Torres, number 9 Liverpool aces player scores!! GOALLLLL!!!! He nearly fell but steady! Goal for Liverpool.

The moment before Torres scored!

Torres!! Goal!! Shout of Victory!!

Liverpool most valuable striker! Torres

After the score made by Torres, Man.United was heated up and there's alot of offense plan came out. They even taken out our ex-Liverpool player, Michael Owen to the field to attack Liverpool, but still Liverpool's defense was flawless. They kept on attacking and defending at the same time till 90 mins. And there goes the 5 mins additional time, 5 mins??!! So long? But luck is on Liverpool side when Ngog, David scores another goal to end up the game. What a magnificent goal from him and victory to ours.

Additional 5mins time, Ngog, David!!! GOALLL!!

Smiles of Victory for Liverpool!

What a game between such strong and powerful team. Liverpool really perform well yesterday night compared last match that I watched Chelsea wins 1 - 0 Liverpool. Good Job and keep up the good work Liverpool Team! You always have my support!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gives Blood Saves Life

After I finished my class from class 74, Building Science Class. I walked pass our University hall and there is a blood donation campaign in it and I don't know why out of a sudden i wish to donate my blood to the society. It's my first time and i wish to find someone to accompany me to go for it. And I met a friend of mine, Victor inside there and he is filling up the form to donate his blood too. I was so happy that at least i got someone to accompany me to donate blood together and so I took the form and started to fill up the forms too. I felt so excited and at the same time i am bit scare of needle especially big needle which they need to take out your blood.

Filling forms this and that, then they will check your blood type and mine is O as the whole family of mine also type O. I wonder what if i checked and my blood is not O?? That will be the worst things happen!! but luckily still my blood is O type. Then they check on your weight, checking the blood pressure and asking a few questions and then filling up the forms and now comes to the most important and the scary part! the needles for the blood. I was scare but I try to watch how they did the process of taking the blood out from your body. It's really interesting to watch and so I did open my eyes even though i really scare. And then slowly my blood flow out from body and I can actually feel the blood gushing out from my veins. Its really a very interesting experience and I felt so happy after everything. i felt so satisfy and proud of myself too by donating my own blood. It's really needed to save others life. Who knows one day the blood that you donated been used and saved people's life! I am really proud of myself and give myself a pad on the shoulder..

The blood that came out from my hand and there's the big needle there cover by the cotton

That's my Precious Blood inside the 450ml packet which will be given to the nurse and they are going to save others people's life..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Graduation AS302

Dear classmates,Happy Graduation too all of you guys.i'm here by really congrating and sending out my best and warmest greeting from sound like its the end of our friendship but its not.i'm really going to miss you guys so year i will be doing the same things like you guys been today all the while.its sucks but i just hope i can find some nice and new friends for us to work together.i missed the time when i was working together with Jennifer and Calvin.wish them all the best on their next new journey.i'm really going to miss you guys ok?

I really wish we could stay together the time we spend together and i really wish that kind of moments will continue forward.i really going to miss you guys so "bu se de" you guys ok?but its time to leave and everyone need to follow their own path first before we could meet up again.wat happens go Soul Out that night and others event that we had played and attended those i keep them and locked them in my heart forever.i will never forget those moments we much fun and lots me pictures to remember and to feed back.

I really appreciate the time spended with you guys these 4 years.all the best again to you all who will continue their studies and others who will be working too also good luck and dont been look down by those them what we are and "fight like a man".all the best my dearest friends and good luck.may god bless you all and again..HAPPY GRADUATED..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Games that I looked forward for...

Hey hi and welcome to ^.^, and here i am to introduce a few games that I'm so looking forward to play. I love those RPG games and also Action Adventure games. For those gamers out there I bet they are also waiting the games that I'm about to list out too...

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant

Crash Bandicoot :Mind Over Mutant

First and foremost, the game which will be coming out this week was The Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant. If you guys played his past game in PSP, the Crash of Titans then this game should be the second part of it. The game is so much fun from what I watch at and also too. They have more features in the game and you can bring around your monster like Pokemon lolz. It's really a fine game and a fun game to play with even people who dislike and never played an console game would love to play this game too ^.^ I'm very sure of that serious. This game should be out already but I'm still not having the source yet and so I'm so looking forward towards for this game these few weeks...

Star Ocean: First Departure 

Star Ocean: First Departure

Next will be the Star Ocean: First Departure which will also be coming out this week together with Crash and also some other new game which I'm about to list out very soon too. I never played this game but my sister did in PS2 from SquareEnix company, a company that I really love and hope to have a chance to go for a site visiting at this company. The games that been created from this company is Awesome!! No doubts. Okay back to the topic, and since now it's in PSP so I'm too here looking forward to this game and hoping it won't let me down ^.^

Spiderman: Web of Shadows

Spiderman: Web of Shadows

The third one will be from Marvelous, Spiderman. I saw its preview and its really nice so i decided this game to be in the list that I'm so looking forward to play too. I think they did add some other Marvelous' Heroes too inside the game. It might be a cool game so I'm going to check it out very soon...

And that's the game that I'm looking forward from this month. Here comes another few list that I really so looking forward for them to be release and they are my favorite and I really love them so much. They still not sure when the game will be coming out, its sad but its really something to look forward to play and I can WAIT!! I always played them and never ever to miss any of them. They are...

Patapon 2

The bird I attack from the past Patapon is so much smaller than this..WOW going to deep fried this bird when I had this game..must wait for me!!! =P

ICE AGE in Patapon!..i really can't wait to play and to take down that huge Elephant.Wait for me you little piece of pest ^.^

Attack!! Attack and destroy the tower..WOW! the game is getting better and better..see there's an elemental shield..

New feature for multi-players in Patapon ^.^.Now that's something to looked forward 

Have you ever play this game before?Oh my! You guys should play this game if you have PSP console in your hand. It's a one of a kind of game that you shouldn't miss and it's a MUST to play with. It's a game where you're like a God and you're trying to command your soldier below for war by using different sound of drums.. like Pata Pata Pata Pon! mean asking the Soldier to move forward, Pon Pon Pata Pon!, when you hit the drums, its commanding it to attack and take down the enemies. It's really a great game and I really recommended friends and people around me to play this game too ^.^ It's not hard to play and children from different kind of ages also can play this game because it's really fun and cute =P...

Loco Roco 2
Loco Roco 2 which still waiting to be announced.. cute we can use the things around us in Loco Roco for passing the stages too...

Aiyak, the orange Loco Roco been stung by a BEE!! Ah!! Pain!Pain...

I think the orange Loco Roco want to have a try on the Afro ^.^

Loco Roco 2 is another cute and fun game too with nice and cute music background. Patapon and Loco Roco they are kinda of related and they are indeed from the same company. When you're these games right you can actually felt like they are about the same. They are both cute, fun and also the music background was nice and fun to play with. Loco Roco is the first ever game to make a gamer go back to their age when they love to flew around with their controller. It's like my age when I was small and I was playing game? my controller can be flew off sometimes when I was too excited. And so Loco Roco can really make a gamer to swing around their PSP when they are so into the game. Believe me you will do the same when you're playing this cute and great game too ^.^ Its really something that I really looking forward for...

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Keyblade master ^.^ finished Kingdom Hearts 2 in PS2 and now they going to continue their story with PSP which also known as Kingdom Hearts 3(Maybe?I'm not so sure but I'm just expecting). Its a continuos story from what had left behind in PS2 ending. More and more keyblade masters which confused me and I really wish to know the story behind those ending that I watched and what is the connection between KH1 and KH2 with it. What happen next?It's really a bit question mark for me toward this game...

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8

Squll Leonhart vs Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8

Zidane Tribal vs Kuja from Final Fantasy 9

Tidus vs his father, Jecth from Final Fantasy 10

When I heard the word Final Fantasy surely I'm not going to miss out that game. Its a battle game between the good and bad people that you know from all the final fantasy series from the 1st final fantasy to the 10th final fantasy. It's really a game in my top favorite list. And the release for english version is still not confirm yet.How sad! but I already watched a few movie clips from and I really looking forward to play too ^.^

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Final Fantasy XIII will be also coming out in PSP. I don't have must information about it but It's inside my wish-list for the game that I'm looking forward for ^.^ 

So that's about it! I taken some of the pictures from the game's website and its just a reference for the game that I been stated. It's just for a refer purpose ^.^ if anyone wish to have more information do go around the net and search from them. Finally, have fun with your PSP when you got those games...

New Bag and A Tripod for my Baby D60 ^.^

Went to the Camera Festival which been held inside Berjaya Time Square during Sunday. I was supposedly to come back with an empty handed but temptation bring me into a very disastrous condition which aches my heart to buy a bag and also a tripod..

Let me start with the bag. I bought this bag, Lowepro Flipside 200 when I was at the festival. It's a backpack and this is what I really wish to had. When I was at the exhibition, I saw quite a number of people using that bag that's what tempted me to go and look for lowepro's store to check it out at there. My temptation went as high as i can reach the moon when I touched the materials and also looked at it. That's when it comes to the mind that I decided to buy this bag, and I did which left me a couple of ringgit for me to spend for the rest of the half month. Quite torturing when I thought of this but why not?Since they are offering.It's a right time to buy the bag and so i did..

The whole look of the bag, small slim and also quite long. Look like I'm carrying an air tank when I carried them around..

The compartment inside the bag ^.^. It's quite big enough for a rookie like me to put all his stuffs in this bag. My next target it a zooming lens..wait for me!!!
That is what I really want to have tripod attached to the bag so i don't have to bring a tripod's bag and an camera bag at the same time.It will be so troublesome...

For me it's really a good bag for me to keep my camera and also a very comfortable bag for me to carry around and bringing my camera around and also together with my tripod...

And next is the new tripod that I bought too during the festival. I bought a new one when I already had a tripod it's because I love to take a very low HDR pictures which i always have the problem to get as low as possible. With my old tripod its impossible for me to capture lower picture. But with this new tripod that I bought that day, I can really go for a lower and really worm's eyes view pictures. I'm happy to have enough money to buy this "thing" which really make me the-pok-kia-man of the day. It's really too tempting when I looked at them and i tired to imagine the picture I can capture with them. Temptation really rules..

The Tripod that I bought during the Camera Festival

So from now onwards, I can really take a lower HDR pictures..I'm so looking forward to take pictures from this tripod.Here's some pictures that I took from my previous Tripod and I really wish to go lower than this..Thanks my ex loyal tripod.Always love you..

During Sun's set in Cyberpark,Cyberjaya

The world been separated into half in this picture

Reflection of the Sun Setting with the building on the pond

What did I did for my Weekends?

Last weekends was a blast for me as I went out mostly everyday and then I reached home quite late too. Went for movie for that 2 days too. On Saturday was Mamma Mia at Midvalley and on Sunday, I'm watching Soul's Code (Thai Movie) at the Curve..

Mamma Mia was a fun movie, singing and dancing. It's a funny and at the same time quite a romantic movie too, Pierce Brosnan an idol of mine, I cant really imaging when he was singing inside that movie. Kinda shocking to me to watch him singing. He sang very well anyway, he put his feeling and emotions into the songs which I found kinda of attractive too..

Soul's Code was a Thai's Ghost movie.It's not actually that scary but you guys know how a ghost movie suppose to be like. How they set the effects and also the background music. Over all that movie was alright, at least in the end they caught the murderer..and those type of ghost movie which didn't have an ending in their ending is what i really dislike the most..!

Mamma Mia

Soul Code

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First and Maybe the Last <3

Quite an memorable day for me so i wish to drop it down at here. It's very surprising but I glad I saw it. By the way, went to MidValley today for movie, Max Payne! It's really a pain in the ass to watch that movie but no doubt the effect from the movie was nice and it's something like Constantine with the Soldier on Angels called the Valkyr, things like that. It not a bad movie but I hate the ending which is suspended. I don't really like suspended ending...

Max Payne the Movie 2008